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I was an official photo nut from about the time I turned eleven. In my early 20s, I got into running everywhere I lived, including Charlottesville, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. As I was told by dozens of people, running on sidewalks for hours on end isn't all that good for you, so I gave in to sustained medical advice and gave up racing on sidewalks for walking on forest pathways.

You know that axiom about "closing one door leads to the opening of another?" (or words to that effect)? Totally came true for me. I am obsessed with hiking now and that wonderful hobby just happens to co-exist perfectly with photography. Throw in the fact that I live right in the middle of some of the best hiking in the West (the Santa Cruz Mountains) and you have a glimpse of a happy, semi-retired, former PR executive.

I have taken many, many friends on many. many hikes in these local hills and over time have come to realize this is at least in part what I was designed to do. My favorite hikes r... [More]