Reviews by Eileen M.
Eileen M.

We did not have the experience. Thomas apparently could not make the tour and we waited 30 mins in front of McDonald's for him on Sunday. When I submitted the reservation I entered my stateside home telephone number. When I got my hotel info I sent an email with my hotel telephone contact number in Paris. Apparently there was no communication to Thomas because he left me a message of cancellation at our home in the US and we were already in France. He also left an email message but we did not have access to our email. The moral of this unfortunate experience is that if you are traveling without your own cell phone and you did not opt to have access to the internet while out of country you should not book with Vayable. You state that you do not bill until the tour is complete I have a charge on my visa bill for the tour for two, I would like a credit issued with a confirmation message that this has been done. Thanks, Eileen