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Hello! My name is James, and I hope to be your tour guide to this wonderful city. I believe in taking nothing for granted. When I picked my apartment, I picked a place smack in the middle of the city, just two blocks away from Union Square! I find that traversing through throngs of tourists every day is a daily reminder of what a wonderful city this is.

As an avid Couchsurfer (I have been hosting & surfing for the last 7 years!), I take my guests on amazing adventures through the city. I'm often asked: "don't you get tired of seeing the same things over and over?" Well, that hasn't really happened yet. Every time I take someone out I see something new. That is my wish for us--to discover the wondrous, the ridiculous, the gorgeous. In the process, I hope we all fall a little more in love with San Francisco!

Reviews for James
Ray L.
Ray L. for Jogging Through the Fog

I had a fantastic time jogging with James throughout the city. He is very knowledgeable about the different districts of the city and extremely open and patient throughout the excursion. We had a blast joking and singing throughout the streets. Highly recommend this short, energizing trip through the best city in the world.

Francois for Jogging Through the Fog

James is a great guide to show you around and you will enjoy running through the fog and feeling the humidity on your skin. Can't wait to do that again. Thanks James!