Reviews - Sebastien B.

Renata M.

Thanks Sebastien Baret, it was really a great session! I hope you have a great run on Sunday, take care and I'm looking forward to running with you again (maybe at the Reservoir track... I really loved the tip :)


Running with Sebastien was a really nice experience. We went up through Central Park and down via the Hudson River. He even contacted me the day before if I'd like to re-schedule because the weather forecast for our day was not good. He gave me some good tips and advice. I would highly recommend this to anyone who would like to go for a run in New York.


I had a fantastic time running with Sebastien! He is very friendly, enthusiastic about running and very knowledgeable about racing, training, running routes in New York and about living in New York. I love running back home in Vancouver, Canada and going on this tour was one of the highlights of my New York trip. I learned a lot about running and New York life from our one-on-one tour. I definitely recommend running with Sebastien :-)


Sebastien is both an excellent runner and thoughtful coach. In addition to getting the chance to run with a super fast runner all around Central Park, including a semi-secret track, he gave excellent training advice to use in the future. Highly recommended!