Azzurra R.

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I am an art-lover, a shiatsu therapist and a girl-in-tech.
I immediately felt in love with Matera the first time I saw it 10 years ago.
I like to travel all over the world and find beautiful hidden gems in every place I visit, something unconventional, which is often unknown to the most.
I always end up in charming hotels, lovely restaurants, always keeping an eye on budget.
For this reason I wanted to become a local tour guide, as I would like to give to my guest the same experience I look for when I discover new places by myself.
I would love to reveal to my guests all the secrets and beautiful spots in my city, so they can fall in love with my Matera as I did.

My favorite quote is from an italian songwriter:
"He who stops is lost, but he who never stops loses all"
Would you like to take a stop in Matera with me?

Reviews for Azzurra R.
Linda H.

Azzurra's tour was wonderful. I feel I now have a deep appreciation for Matera and the Sassi district. Azzurra's passion and knowledge of her town was great. She took me to places that were fantastic but not on the list of well known tourist stops. She was also a great companion and fun to be with. I am so glad I booked a tour with her.