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Amrita A.

I visited Oxford for an afternoon during my trip to London. It is a beautiful city where you can surely spend more time than just an afternoon. I have visited a number of places in Europe and most of the time it is exploring on my own (which can surely be a lot of fun). What I have never been fond of is visiting places with tours, wearing head phones and listen to hours of recordings about the place. What Vayable has done by providing a service to tourists is to explore the town/city with locals - which is an amazing experience. Colin showed me around the city one afternoon in September. It was really an awesome experience - to view the city with someone who has lived there for years. Colin had vast knowledge, knew the history, area and places around very well. If I were to visit Oxford again, I will surely reach out to Colin. Thanks Colin and thanks Vayable for making my trip to Oxford a memorable one :)