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Hi Friends, how are you doing? This is Lali, I was born in Cordoba, though at present I live in Madrid. Neverthless, I spent my childhood and adolescence in Cordoba, and my family is living there also. So once a month I take the high speed train and visit my town again. Each time is different for me, as I love walking around, enjoying the good weather, its fantastic gastronomy and wines, apart from rediscovering new treasures. All in all, I do encourage you to make one trip to his pretty ancient city that will catch you up at first sigth!!

If you like doing something different, breaking your routine, and know those special places out of the typical ones, this is your opportunity, as I love losing myself in its little streets and show you the hidden treasures that can´t be find in the tourist guides. My pedestrian walks have something magical and surprising, as you will discover white houses with bunches of flowers, hidden ancient taverns and magical narrow streets which will take you to old times.
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