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Hi all!
As a lover of wellness and nature, I love walking, running and cycling. The area where I live seems to be designed for this. Brianza is the green heart of Lombardy and Its variety of environments makes it the perfect place for lovers of nature and peace. But Brianza is not just this. There's plenty of nice villages, the local food is cheap, healthy and delicious, you can find wooden paths leading to beautiful landscapes and real corners of paradise between hills that haven't still been touched by the hand of men.
During the 26 years i lived here I had the chance to discover many hidden wonders of this unknown place. I say "unknown", because there is very little people who promotes this area of Italy abroad.
But Brianza has nothing less than Tuscany and Sardegna: it just has to be discovered.
Follow me through Brianza! You will walk (cycle or run) through nature, relax and eat good food.
But don't forget to bring a pair of comfortable shoes ;)
I will help you to rent a bike if you're willing... [More]