Ljuba P.

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I have lived in Prague now for most of my adult life, and have fallen in love with the city. I started working as a tour guide back in 1991, very soon after the end of the Communist regime, when I got a job guiding for the Jewish Museum in Prague. Doing this quickly made me realise that this was what I wanted to do with my life. It is a job that has enabled me to meet all sorts of people from all around the world, and I get paid for sharing with them my love both for this beautiful city where I live; and for my Jewish heritage, something that is very important to me.

Since that time, I've branched out on my own as a private tour guide, and run a small company of guides here in Prague. In the more than twenty years I've been doing this I've met all manner of people, including more than few celebrities, and I can't think of any job I'd rather be doing!