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Eli C.

Captain Marcos boat is one of a kind, as is his first mate :P I've seen San Francisco from every point on land, and in air, but never by boat. The views of the San Francisco, the bridge(s), and Sausalito were simply breathtaking. If you're visiting San Francisco, seeing the city by boat is a one in a life time chance. You can tell Captain Marco has a deep passion for sailing and want to share is passion with others in every way!

Eli C.
Eli C. for Ride the Magic Bus Back to the 60s

This experience is the way to get around San Francisco! Our group was amazing and our guides were so cool, we even picked up a stranger at one of our stops! The bus is truly unique and a trip! This experience can be enjoyed by all age groups!

Eli C.
Eli C. for A Farmer’s Marketable Feast

Sheila has a wonderful, accommodating personality! I really felt likeI was just a friend in town, and she was showing us around. She's also got a great eye for finding great eats at the market, and gave me the courage to purchase those vegetables and fruits that I can never tell what are :P I definitely recommend this for some one wanting to do it like a local and visit the [in my opinion] the best food market in America.

Eli C.
Eli C. for Emperor Norton Time Machine

I'm so excited I was able to see this experience! I've lived in San Francisco for almost 8 years and I learned more history I EVER knew!! I recommend this for History Buffs when you're traveling, and most definitely for locals! I love walking downtown now knowing the fun history of San Francisco!