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Elias H.
Elias H. for Queens Tastes of the World

I recently visited the United States (from Australia) and spent about 10 days in New York. As it was my second time to New York, I was looking for some off the path and non touristy experiences and I discovered the Queens Tastes of the World tour on the Vayable site. I contacted Jeff on very short notice and asked if he had any upcoming trips. Jeff was very responsive and accommodating and managed to arrange a tour with me and two other people. He provided very clear instructions about the meeting spot and the best way for me to get there. Upon meeting Jeff, I immediately realised that I was in store for a unique and special experience. The Queens area is so diverse and eclectic, and is comprised of so many interesting and self sufficient little communities, who have brought with them their cultures, values, languages, traditions and most importantly, foods, to New York. Getting off the train was quite a surreal was New York but felt like another country, or planet (in a good way). Jeff was a fantastic guide, right from introductions to the farewells. His curiosity for things and adventurous spirit, combined with his great personality and genuine nature, elevated what would have been just another food tour. He had a great rapport with the various businesses around the place and structured the tour in a way that we would sample as many different cuisines and places of interest as possible within the time frame. Although Jeff put some thought into the route that we would take, it never felt stale or robotic...Jeff improvised a lot on the spot which kept things fresh and unpredictable [in an exciting way]. Overall, it was one of the highlights of my trip and definitely a trip one should seriously consider...taking with you an open mind and sense of's a cultural wonderland and Jeff is the ideal person to show you round. His five star reviews are for real and completely deserved. Highly recommended!

Elias H.

I only just finished a street art tour with Devin. Absolutely amazing! Devin has a fantastic personality - friendly, likeable, curious, genuine. He showed me numerous sites with jaw dropping street art - main streets, alley ways, on billboards, store buildings, the pavement etc. Hours of viewing and not a single wasted or dull minute. Devin has a wonderful exuberance and love for his craft...his personal story is a highlight. On top of being a very cool guy, Devin is a very talented artist and I had the privilege of seeing some of his art pieces around the city - he was very modest and self critical. Devin engaged with many interesting and diverse characters around the various suburbs and one could easily glean that he loves the local communities and the seemingly every day people with fascinating lives. To call this a street art tour is get a glimpse of the unfiltered side of LA and one couldn't ask for a better and more passionate guide. I feel very fortunate to have stumbled on Vayable and seen Devin's tour. If you can, please take the tour and support Devin! You will walk away much richer for the experience.

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Jeff Tastes

Thanks for being awesome

Devin W.

One of the best dudes I have had the pleasure of doing a tour with, kind, genuine, easy to talk 2, smart. People like Elias make doing this tour so much fun, I had a really great time checking out all the new art! Thanks for hanging out with me Elias hope our paths cross again one day!!

Monica R.

Elias was an easy customer to please -- and it's a good thing, since his walking tour got rained out! Nevermind that, we carried on instead with pizza and beer and good conversation. Elias was inquisitive and eager to ask loads of good questions about North Park and San Diego in general. The time flew by!