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Tour guiding has been my passion since a very young age as I assisted my Mom who is an exclusive tour guide in Baku, Azerbaijan.
I went studying tourism in a Polish university, that is located in Warsaw and had a special course on guiding. That is where I started creating my own tours!
After moving to Paris I was inspired by every corner of this city and of course its food. So, I decided to make a special combination of one of the best things, that Paris has to offer and create a tour!
Guess what it was? A very french Breakfast on Le Marais - the most Parisian area you can find in Paris!

Reviews for Siara P.
Louis C.

Wow!! I be been a few times in Le Marais but Siara opened our eyes about all the crazy stories of this area! Delightful moment and such an amazing breakfast !! Sonfrench so Parisian so yummy ! We were a small group of 6 it was the best way to start our trip in Paris. If you have a chance just don't hesitate and go meet Siara!