Reviews by Claudia D.
Claudia D.
Claudia D. for Tastes of Istanbul

Kasper is the best. He took us to several places we'd never have found ourselves and we got the best real Turkish food. He knows lots of people around town and everyone seems to like him very much. He speaks fluent Turkish and has a lovely warm way of connecting to all sorts of people, from all levels of society. He took us to his favorite bakery, two small Turkish restaurants, a baklava place...the only one that makes chocolate baklava, and for a tea on the bank of the Golden Horn. We also walked in districts we would never have found on our own and saw where real people in Istanbul live, not just tourists. You will be lucky if you can have him as your tour guide!

Claudia D.
Claudia D. for Two Continents - Europe & Asia!

Kasper is a terrific guide. He is fabulous at connecting with people of all sorts, from simple vendors to well-educated. He knows the City inside out and showed us some of his favorite places which we would never have seen on our own because we are tourists. He can customize a tour to anyone's wishes. His Turkish is fluent and a godsend to non-speakers like us. He knows the history and the sites as well as the backstreets and neighborhoods a tourist would not find. His sunny disposition and intelligent conversation are also a real plus. We wish him all the best in the future and hope he will come visit us at our home one of these days!