Dean B.

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* Born & raised in " Plain Vanilla", Pennsylvania
* First exposed to New Orleans charms as a college
student at Tulane University in the late 1960's & graduated
with a degree in Theatre
* Worked in the local art publishing milieu for twenty (20)
years creating fine art Poster images celebrating local
music festivals, Mardi Gras, sporting events & New
Orleans cultural icons such as the 1984 Louisiana World
Exposition, the Streetcar and the Aquarium of the
* As a first hand observer of the local social upheaval(s) of
the 60's, 70's & 80's, I am a well versed witness ( and
eager participant) in New Orleans entry into the mid-range
fine dining options proliferation, renewed historic
architecture preservation and an awakened reverence for
'Nawlins Cultcha'
* Current resident of the 'Northshore' community - a
onetime summer refuge and escape from stifling city heat