Tommy I.

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I have been in Japan for 30 years teaching art and science for both the US State Department and at an International School in Tokyo. I have a Masters Plus Degree in Education. I studied Japanese formally at the University, but progressed by working diligently on my own.

For the last 29 years, I have been taking family, colleagues and friends of all my contacts on day tours in and around the Toykyo, Yokohama area.

You will enjoy being part of my of my group traveling around a schedule made specifically for you and your party. I prefer to work with 2 people at a time to make the event something special you will always remember, but willing to take up to five people at a time.

I totally understand dietary concerns such as Gout, Diabetes, Lactose Intolerance and Asthma. (Kosher and Halal are impossible to strictly follow in Japan).

I would always like to use SKYPE or FaceTime before any contract is set so we can make sure your needs are met.

Life is Good!