Toni M.

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I am a native New Englander. I love food (especially sweets!) cooking, kayaking, hiking, baseball, the ocean, exploring new places and meeting new people.

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Marc D.
Marc D. for Explore the North Shore

I meet Toni at an agreed spot in Boston at 5:30pm. We then walked the streets around Boston seeing many of the sights. After which Toni suggested to try one of the local treats called a lobster tail. Boy what a size this was? by the time I had eaten about 2/3rd of this great delight I was covered in icing sugar from ear to ear, and one big smile. We then jumped into Toni's car and headed out of town to check out some of the sites. I was able to get a few good night shots and Toni was a fantastic guide and host. Thank you for a great experience.