Russ S.

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Originally from Colorado, I spent a lot of time being active and in the mountains and foothills of Denver. I'm an active hiker, mountain biker, love to water ski, wake board and do pretty much anything else that keeps me active.

After growing up in Colorado, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I spent ten years. The desert is an amazing place! I hiked some pretty incredible trails...from Echo Canyon in Phoenix, to Secret Mountain Wilderness in Sedona. I learned so much about the climate in Arizona, not to mention its history and charm. And, while I loved the desert, the ocean was really where I wanted to be. In the long, hot summers of Phoenix, I would spend my weekends in San Diego, California. I had never been prior to 1997. I had heard a lot about it, but never really thought about living there until my first visit. I was completely hooked!

Over the next three years, I spent my weekends driving or flying from the desert heat to the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. I loved that ... [More]