I am a California native and few places could have torn me away form the beautiful LA beaches.

Washington, DC is one of them.

I've worked in defense, political campaigns and even went to graduate school here. I am an avid reader, traveler and amateur historian and would love to share my knowledge and love of this city with you.

But this city is so much more than history and monuments. It's a great food, arts and festival town. Every weekend there is something new to try. Whether its the National BBQ festival or Artisphere, there is always something fun, interesting and cheap (maybe even free!) for you to do.

As a transplant I've had friends and family from around the world come and visit me, so I have a lot of experience tailoring their visits. Just let me know what you need to see, what interests you and I can come up with something that will make your friends jealous!

I also love to travel, so I know what it means to have a great trip. I want to show you how the locals live, give you m... [More]