Chiara G.

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Coming from Italian parents but a global citizen myself. It wasn't until some friends of mine married in Rome that I realized - this is the only place to get married. I love living in Rome and wandering through the alleyways. Each store owner says Ciao and knows you like a daughter. Where in the world would you get that sort of reception - Rome of course. Sharing the passion and enthusiasm I have for this place is a honour to me. My day usually starts late (thats the traditional Italian way) drink fast a very very strong cup of coffee standing up at the bar (also another italian tradition) and off I go touting Ciao Bella Tours. The day goes late into the evening with a famous "passergata" (italian for late night stoll arm in arm with your best friend, mother, father, boyfriend, sister, brother you name it... Life is about living..and the Italians do it best!

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Juliann L.

I cannot vouch enough for Chiara. She loves to make the experience of planning a wedding a memorable one. She has filtered through designers, caterers, and planners and has come up with the best team to help you plan your perfect day. What better place to get married than in bella Roma?!