Reviews by Cameron M.
Cameron M.
Cameron M. for Custom NYC Neighborhood Tour

Stephanie was a really great tour guide! We asked her to give us a tour across the Brooklyn Bridge and then in Brooklyn Heights. She was really knowledgeable and easy to talk to, the tour was well organised and she gave us tonnes of interesting info (I particularly enjoyed the architectural aspect). We even managed to get a private tour of Plymouth Church, which was really interesting. All in all a great tour for a fantastic price.

Cameron M.
Cameron M. for Queens Tastes of the World

This was definitely my favourite tour that I did in NYC! Jeff was super friendly, really knowledgeable and knew everyone in the area. It really felt like a personal experience, something not everyone does which made it really special. The food was amazing, so many things that I never would have tried. My favourite would have to be the avena drink at an Ecuadorean truck. I would recommend this to everyone!

Reviews for Cameron M.
Jeff Tastes

Thanks for being awesome!

Stephanie L.

This was a great tour. Cameron and his 2 friends were very excited about everything I showed them and were really interested in the history and architecture.