Ana D.

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As a Romanian-American living in Ecuador, I believe I have both an insider´s knowledge and an outsider´s perspective on the country´s politics and culture… but I really specialize in its outdoors!

I first became intimately acquainted with Ecuador as part of my rural development curriculum at Stanford University. I moved to the country in 2012 and am now working on an agroecology project with a Fulbright grant.

Along with my Ecuadorian boyfriend José, we like to spend our time

rock climbing
bridge-jumping (yes, it´s safe!)
zip-lining in nature (aka ¨canopying¨)
mountain biking
practicing aerial circus (aerial silks)

We believe we can set up a very pleasant experience for you in any of those areas.

José works in vertical engineering, so his specialty is setting up safe rope systems… which is why I can confidently say that it´s safe to jump off bridges or ride zip lines with us. We both have extensive experience teaching rock climbing, and I teach aerial circus as w... [More]