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Hellooo, dear friends!!! This is Friendly Local Guides. We are friendly, fun and flexible guides, always happy to meet new people and have fun together on our tours.

Our tours are mainly a positive emotional and happy experience learning about this fascinating city with is saturated with history and culture!

Booking us, you book exciting tours with unique experience, no boring history lessons. After you've booked any of my tours, we can organize a 2 hour free tour for you on any other day.
We can meet you at the airport or railway station.
We will show you Russian local life as it is, combined with some touristy must-do places. On our tours we smile, take photos with you and have fun!

There's always loads happening In Saint Petersburg - from food festivals, art exhibitions and ballet performances to parties, football matches and car races shows, and we keep track of all of them for you.
We run blogs on things to do in Saint Petersburg Moscow, so if you're looking for some local authentic stuff,... [More]

Reviews for Friendly L.
Doug K.

Booked Kate for a custom tour in Moscow and I had a lot of requirements and demands. They were able to craft an itinerary for me and even during the tour, I'd change my mind and Kate could accommodate my every whim. Kate was very knowledgeable and game for all that I was seeking. Great, great service and fully recommend it for anyone seeking to explore the city on a more intimate and local level. Doug