Aigul S.

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I am a Russian expat, who has lived in Buenos Aires for 6 years and discovering Asia now. I am a multilingual journalist and artist with a wide international experience (Russia, Germany, Slovenia, Argentina). I speak fluently 4 languages (Russian, English, Spanish, German) and studying Portuguese.

I love traveling (obviously), healthy lifestyle, reading, and dancing. I used to run tours in Buenos Aires.

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Reviews for Aigul S.
Ian for Discover Street Art

What wonderful introduction to the streets and to the way of getting to know the pulse of the city through the street art and the insightful observations of Aigul. Aigul was a delightful and interesting guide with a wide knowledge of Argentinian and South American issues and with whom we would like to have spent much more time. I would certainly endorse the other glowing reviews based on our enjoyment of the generous amount of time Aigul gave to us. My previous comment related to a clerical error by the Vyable booking system. Ian

Ian for Discover Street Art

Vayable confirmed a booking for before I had even booked on 2 Feb. in the pm.. I booked for 24th Feb. 2014. the phone number for Aigul is not in service. I hope this issue is promptly corrected.

Lindsay R.
Lindsay R. for Discover Street Art

I met up with Aigul for her Vayable street art tour during my week vacation to Buenos Aires. I HIGHLY recommend this tour. It exceeded all of my expectations and was truly the highlight of my trip. Aigul was a delight to spend time with; an ex-pat herself, she is a smart, sweet person, very knowledgeable about Argentina, and speaks English perfectly. If you enjoy art and visual culture, you will absolutely love this tour. We spent three hours walking through five neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, seeing street art on every block. What I enjoyed most was how much I learned about the fascinating and incredibly complex politics in Argentina. The streets are a living museum, with the art reflecting in real-time the vibrant and violent social politics that course through the lifeblood of the city. I learned so much about Argentina and its people, its past and present - an entirely new perspective into this complex country that brought an added dimension to my travels for the rest of my time in Argentina. Becoming "fluent" in the secret language of Buenos Aires street art made it so fun to see it everywhere during the rest of my trip. Truly this is the best way to explore Buenos Aires - not only did I get a crash course in the history and politics of the place, I got a private walking tour with a great guide and saw masterful, unforgettable street art that absolutely blew me away. Well worth the price of the tour, I'd say. Tip: Wear good walking shoes and don't forget your camera. Also, keep in mind that if you keep a good pace up with Aigul and don't loiter too long at the pieces, she'll be able to show you more art. Enjoy!

Jereme A.
Jereme A. for Discover Street Art

Aigul's 'Discover Street Art' experience is a great way to get an up-close and personal view of the explosion of artistic expression on the walls and buildings of Buenos Aires' - from tags to intricate murals; political statements to art for art's sake. Aigul is very friendly and knowledgeable on the topic. Wear good shoes, pack a snack and enjoy!

Joanne W.
Joanne W. for Discover Street Art

Our engaging guide gave us a street-level experience of Buenos Aires culture, politics, and sociology through various examples of street art. She was generous with time and insights, informed by her classes, colleagues and profession. She changed how I look at and understand the city. I recommend this tour highly. Wear good walking shoes.