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Hey Guys!

I’m Meriden. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and when it comes to travel, I can plan an epic trip no matter how long or short the stay. You see, I’m an avid researcher. I love to look up places to travel to and see how I can get the most out of any trip. I’m the rare person that loves a long layover, because hey, you get two trips in one without having to pay for an extra ticket.

I was hit with the travel bug early. When I was 8 years old, I went to summer camp on the Isle of Wight in England for a month. From then on, I vowed to go on at least one to two trips a year in an effort to experience something new, and you know, just get away for a minute. My travels have taken me through Europe, Asia, South America and most extensively throughout the Caribbean. I’ve been to Trinidad and Tobago so many times, that at this point I should just apply for residency.

I believe you can have a memorable experience wherever you go and want to bring that experience to you!
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