James B.

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I'm doing business in San Franciscan. Things I love are travel, food, creative-stustainable cooking, football, soccer, hiking, camping, and meeting new people. I am very outgoing and have been accused of being funny.

Reviews for James B.
Rodney D.
Rodney D. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

Ngo's tour was a fantastic two hours walking through the Mission finding treasures, most hidden in plain sight. As a local resident, it was a lot of fun to see a familiar neighborhood in a new way. I highly recommend it!

Kim M.
Kim M. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

He was super knowledgeable and took us on a great walking/transit tour of San Francisco's amazing street art scene. I definitely recommend this tour.

Stanley M.
Stanley M. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

Ngo Vu did a great job of showing, telling and explaining. He adapted the tour to what the three of us would enjoy and kept a good energy level throughout. Would recommend others the same tour! Brad

Carmen F.
Carmen F. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

Bertha is definitely someone extremely knowledgeable about the street art scenes. She's willing to go out of his usual routes by request which I find was a plus point.

Howard R.
Howard R. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

I had a great time on the tour! Bertha was a great guide answering all of our questions and giving detailed descriptions of the art.

Charles J.
Charles J. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

Bertha was very accommodating with regards to my desire to photograph every piece of art from every angle. A must see for anyone interested in street art or even just a glimpse at a side of San Fran not commonly frequented by the average visitor.

Tripp I.
Tripp I. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

Bertha is a terrific guide and this is a great tour if you're interested in street art and hearing firsthand about the dynamics between graffiti, murals, stencils, San Francisco and the art community. Check it out, five stars!

Yuliya K.
Yuliya K. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

We decided to celebrate my wife's birthday by taking this tour. There were 4 of us on the trip and almost everyone had lived in the mission, or nearby, for a while, so we all felt pretty familiar with the streets Bertha was taking us down. But, with Bertha's help, we soon realized how much we had been missing! While there are amazing pieces of art in every nook and cranny of the neighborhood, it's so easy to overlook them. I'd highly recommend this tour to SF natives or visitors. It's an amazing way to spend a few hours exploring a new side of the city.

Jo R.
Jo R. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

Bertha's tour was just what we needed for our trip to San Francisco. We were visiting art schools in the area, and had been to museums, galleries, and exhibitions, but found the street art all around us wherever we went most compelling. Bertha's background makes her the perfect tour guide; as a street artist, author, and member of the arts community, her knowledge and approach are authentic and user-friendly.

Allison M.
Allison M. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

Throughout the tour, Bertha was a wealth of knowledge and anecdotes. We got to hear insider stories of the greats like Banksy, Rowa, and Adam5100 and learn about the unique communities and implicit rules of the complex and chaotic street art world. And we explored, together, the nuance between creation and destruction, artistic expression and just plain vandalism. It was a beautiful tour. One that will forever shape my perception of a city I thought I knew pretty well.

Zhuo B.
Zhuo B. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

Bertha was such a great guide on our tour of the mission district. By the end of the tour I was recognizing different artists and noticing all kinds of new street art all around me. I would recommend this tour to anyone who is a fan of street art or graffiti, and it is also a great way to see San Fransisco.

Magda C.
Magda C. for Tasting & Mural Tour @Good

I just moved the san francisco and started working in the mission district, and I have never realized just how much art is right in front of my eyes. Bertha point out some really cool pieces. I would never have come across with an untrained eye. she knows such an amazing amount about graffiti and the street art community. a must do for anyone passing through the mission