Smartphone is not a fancy stuff anymore. In fact, it has become the important part of the human life. Many people cannot life without it and become the part of the digital life itself. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone, you have to know what you need first. In this time, there are 4 platforms available to choose.

Those are Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry app advertising. Each of them has the unique characters as well as the unique features too. To help you select the right platform, let’s take a look to the pros and the cons of those mobile OS.


Android is the most popular platform right now. Compared with the other platform, it also has the complete features and the strong ecosystem. Google Play Store is the official Android app store. But you can also get Android app from the other app stores. One more thing that makes Android so popular is about its customization. You can customize your Android smartphone and make it truly your o... [More]