Lisa W.

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Hello! I'm so lucky to be able to call Liverpool home, and I've lived here right in the city centre for five years.

As well as welcoming visitors, I work as a freelance writer and a singer (I even act occasionally too!), so I'm embedded in all things creative.

Travelling is a huge part of my life, and in fact I've lived and worked in New Zealand, Portugal and various parts of the Middle East. As a singer I travelled around South East Asia and all over Europe, and the world and its people continue to fascinate me. My own travels this summer will take me to Budapest and Bosnia Herzegovina, and later in the year Georgia.

My life passions are music, animals (I'm an experienced horse rider) and my camera is my constant companion. But I genuinely love to sit and have a good conversation about all manner of subjects, hence I love to meet new people from different places.

I've just taken up yoga (ouch!) and of course I walk lots. I truly think that it's the best way of getting into the nooks and cranni... [More]