Alberto M.

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I am a nature lover; I can’t get tired of learning the endless forms life takes to express itself; from the tiny spiders at night in the jungle, to the whale sharks in the ocean!

At every place I guide you in; I’ll provide information of the ecosystems, endemic species in the area, rare animals and special features that you will find beautiful and interesting.

Caves are among my favorites, and I take great pride in showing remote areas, rural communities and Federal Reserve’s away from the beaten tracks.

People and their complex relations is a most interesting field of study through direct contact, history and even archaeology.

As a Mexican I seek for understanding of social issues, I always try to read in between the lines, learning from the past and comparing with other cultures and times.

My adventure seeking attitude, preparation as a certified Tour Guide, Dive Master and other qualifications will lead you towards the most thrilling experiences in a most professional way.

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