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Nicole H.
Nicole H. for Tour L.A.-- Metro Style

Brenna took me on a wonderful tour of sites in downtown LA, including the Central Library, Bradbury building, Grand Central Market, and more. She gave me lots of great ideas for how to spend my month in LA as a car-free person. She's knowledgeable about the history of LA , and she's very personable and fun! She customized the tour in a way that was perfect for me, since I'm recovering from a broken ankle and need to walk more slowly than usual. You should definitely book a tour with her!

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Brenna P.

Nicole is great! She had a set list of sites she wanted to see, so I planned a tour around one of those sites. She was very open to the tour I planned! Laid-back and friendly, Nicole was curious about the history of the sites, a topic I enjoy sharing and discussing. Nicole was interesting and interested and it really was a pleasure to show her around!