Kostas Grigoris C.

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We are two like-minded friends, Kostas and Grigoris sharing the same passions for mountain biking, trekking, climbing and skiing. Both living and working in the city we enjoy escaping the congestion and pollution to revel in the peace and tranquility offered by the environs of the mountains.
Seasoned travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, we have combined our knowledge and experience and look forward to sharing it with you.
Grigoris is an accredited mountain quide and holds an international red cross qualification in first aid.
Kostas is sufficiently experienced in hiking and climbing.
We both have taken part in mountain bike and road bike competitions many times.

Reviews for Kostas Grigoris C.
L M.

We, as a family of four had a hiking on the Mount Parnitha with Kostas Grigoris and his colleagues last Saturday. We found them most helpful, extremely pleasant and very knowledgeable about the mountain and the surrounding areas.These are the guys who genuinely enjoy what they do and want to share their love of nature and outdoor activities with their visitors. We will use them again when we are next around and would like to recommend them highly.