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Hi, my name is Désirée, I'm a designer and video-maker. I have ten years’ experience working for television, web, theatre and music festivals.

I love to catch moments and tell stories, emotions, life. I'm curious, passionate and creative. I find inspiration in all aspects of imaginativeness: design, fashion, cinema, theatre and lifestyle.

I love travelling, I spent years in Paris and Barcelona and I now have the chance to live between two beautiful and very different cities: Rome and Milan.

I speak English, French, Spanish, German and of course Italian, my mother tongue. I look forward to making your trip truly memorable.

Reviews by Désirée

We loved this tour, the food was amazing and Tansel is not only a fine connoisseur of Istanbul's food and history but also a passionate and interesting person. He had no problem to take a deviation in the tour for showing us something fascinating that we didn't saw and was really generous with his time. We totally recommend this experience!

Reviews for Désirée
Tansel K.

It was a great pleasure to guide Désirée. They were a couple from Italy (from Milan and Rome specifically) and we had a great time. We ate, talked about real estate finance in Dubai, talked about the Ottoman Empire, then we ate some more, walked around, talked about Berlusconi, tasted things, talked about Airbnb, and we ate and we ate. I was very memorable day. They are always welcome, both as guests and friends. Highly recommended.