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Parisian by birth, I grew up in the 5th arrondissement, in the heart of the Latin Quarter. It is surely this exceptional context, to play after school in the arenas of Lutecia, to have lunch on the steps of the Pantheon during highschool, which instilled me this passion for Paris and the willingness to become a professional tour guide. Unless if it is simply the magnificent ruin of Philippe Auguste's enclosure that sits in the parking of my building...

Taking advantage of my city every day, day and night, I like to find forgotten streets, to open doors looking for secret courtyards, and to share my latest findings with my visitors. If you follow me, be careful, my love for Paris can be contagious !

Reviews for Axelle
Jeff & Heather P

This is a great tour. Axelle is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to be with. We especially loved seeing some places that are not well known. If you really want to experience a bit of Paris beyond the regular tourist spots, take this tour! You'll come away with a deeper appreciation for this beautiful city.