Reviews by Søren L.
Søren L.
Søren L. for Greenwich Village Food Tour

Our tour fully matched the the promising description on the Vayable site. We went on at combi tour stating with at walk through High Line - wonderfull place. Then we went to Greenwich Village - saw this beautifull place and tasted world class food. Alex was at vivid and knowledgeable guide. We can highly recomend this tour

Søren L.
Søren L. for Midnight Street Food Crawl

Thanks for the best guidede tour ever. The night we met Jeff, the sky opened and let the rain flood the streets. Not an easy situation for a midnight street food tour. We were only 4 people, so we vent on the walkingtour in Jeff car. We had a wonderfull tour and "tastede" and met a lot of nationalites. Lovely to se a nighbourhood funktion with all the different ethnic people. We can highly recomend the tour

Søren L.

Super experience. Bruce was a lovely knowledgeable guide, who gave us a splendid tour through the 3 neighborhoods. We were only 4 persons on the tour, so we had time to ask and talk along the walk. We can heighly recomend the tour A lot of value for the price given

Søren L.

We had a wonderfull tour through Carolyn´s nighbourhood, Harlem. We really felt, that Carolyn loved her nighbourhood and she had a lot of good stories and information, that she shared with us. We visited one of the churches, where we experienced a powerfull sermon and overwhelming gospel We ended up eating together in a small diner.

Reviews for Søren L.

Very friendly guy, asked some great questions. Would enjoy having him return again.

Jeff Tastes

Thanks for being awesome


Enjoyed meeting Soren on his first trip to NYC. He was a perfect quest on the walking food tour, he asked good questions and was very friendly.