Giacomo G.

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Brazil, Canada, Israel, Spain, UK and USA... and after living for months or years in all these countries, my choice was to come back to Rome. The question then is: Why?

Rome has a unique balance and flavor. Life is real here - the food, places, gestures, human interaction. Views are unique, and getting lost in the city is always an experience.

I know this city inside out, with a unique perspective of someone who has not only travelled all over the world, but also lived in countries with a totally different mentality.
But getting back to how well I know Rome... I've lived in 7 different neighbourhoods inside the city, tried over 100 restaurants, walked a ridiculous number of miles around its streets and currently chose to live in one of the few true neighborhoods left, where families have been hanging around for generations and my barber is 70 and has been living here all his life.

During most of my day I'm an entrepreneur. I run my own business, a digital startup in the chauffeur field (YourPer... [More]