Reviews by Linda C.
Linda C.

I am the type of person who rarely leaves reviews. This tour is great enough for me to make the effort. I've had photography lessons before that have left me confused enough to wish I hadn't taken them in the first place. Alex takes the time at the beginning of the tour to look at your camera, find your knowledge base, explain settings and find out what you like to photograph. He then guides you around, finds a general area with you, let's you pick the shot and gives gentle guidance on what to do to make your shots better. I'm the type of person who has to get instructions, then do it before I understand. He is not only an expert photographer, he is kind person and a fantastic instructor. Not all who understand photography know how to teach it. Alex knows both. He was also kind enough to send me the instructional material so my friend wouldn't have to take notes while he talked and I played with my camera. And when my battery died, he loaned me his camera to use. Did I mention he also loaned me his tripod? Alex is an all around package and a class act. He's friendly, professional, kind and definitely worth the money (and I'm about as tight as they come with money.) 5 stars all the way! Merci Alex!