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Negin M.
Negin M. for Live the Island Life

I was fortunate (and smart) enough to have taken friends' recommendations and make sure Bocas del Toro was a stop during my Panama & Costa Rica excursion. Though the main island is rather small, there was absolutely no shortage of things to do on the archipelago -- from jungle and beach excursions, to great restaurants & places to go out, to sporting and underwater adventures. Really, it was something new everyday. And the Casa Bocas guys only made this plethora of options that much more enjoyable and unmatched by any other tour guide. However, even with this excess of options, time to unwind was aplenty. Bocas is the kind of place that not only invites relaxation, but it demands relaxation. I find it's the perfect balance of both worlds. I, unfortunately, never actually got to stay at the Casa Bocas "big blue house" in my two weeks there because it was being built at that time. However, I made numerous trips to the work site to see the blood, sweat, & tears these guys put into building this house, which was enough to warm the heart of a proud mother from one equinox to the next. Once you realize that on the plane to and from Bocas (to and from Panama City), you can see this beautiful creation as if it's personally greeting and/or sending you off only makes your experience that much more surreal. If you're going to Panama or Costa Rica, Bocas del Toro is a must go. And the Casa Bocas house and boys is just frosting atop the delicious cake. Make it happen. You won't be sorry.