Monica R.

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Originally from Wisconsin.
Living in San Diego for the last 7+ years.
Recently married to a native San Diegan.
Graphic designer at Green Flash Brewing Co.

I LOVE: coffee, pancakes, meeting new people, laughing, cheese, craft beer bars, sunshine, yoga, photography, braunschweiger, the hammock we bought on our honeymoon in Panama, being flexible and being with people who are flexible, coffee, the outdoors, iAnything, podcasts, learning about different cultures, bread, coffee, Mexican food, my husband, typography, pizza, Tetris, and coffee.

I DON'T LOVE: cucumbers, watermelon.

Reviews for Monica R.

A fun & fact filled insight into the best kept secrets of San Diego. Monica took us to North Park to showcase some of the local sites,watering holes and foodie hot spots. We forgot that we had just arrived in San Diego for the first time and settled into a night of fun like we were locals. Very personable, bubbly and accommodating, Monica was the best tour guide you could hope for. We got some local history, information on local culture & practice with a personal touch that no guidebook could hope to match. If you want to know about San Diego, Monica is definitely the one to show it to you.