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Photographer/ Photojournalist, Ester was born and raised on a farm in the city of Lleida, Spain. In 2008 she moved to the United States and graduated from the International Center of Photography in New York in the ‘Documentary Photography and Photojournalism’ program.

A seeker of adventure & the 'little known', Ester is a master at seeking out hidden communities to study & documenting through her photographic skills.

In 2011 Ester's work was published by the New York Times after she spent two years documenting and photographing a community of 'cliff dwellers' who make their home living in the cliffs overhanging the Hudson River in New Jersey. Ester's current projects include photographing / documenting an eleven member’s family that for over ten years live in a mobile home.

Ester's work has been exhibited internationally in countries like Spain, France, Hungary and New York. Her work has been shown also in the Catalan Public Television ‘TV3’ and has been published in Periódico Diagonal, Featur... [More]