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Reviews by Joshua W.
Joshua W.

Jordan was very knowledgable about the city. It was our first time and he helped he get acquainted with the lay of the land. Jordan showed us some very old buildings as well as some hidden pathways that only locals know about. Great tour!

Joshua W.

I took my wife on this tour and we had a fabulous time. Blair's boat is a beautifully kept all-wooden sail boat. We met him at the docs around noon and the wind was perfect. We sailed out about an hour at 6 or 7 knots and got to see some of the most charming parts of Canada's wilderness. When the wind died down we lowered the sails and motored into a really beautiful inlet. The we asked Blair to drop us off at Butchart Gardens where we did the tour and ended a great day! If you are in Victoria or surrounding area, this is a great tour and a great way to experience Northern Canada.

Joshua W.
Joshua W. for Hike and Snorkel

Our guide took my wife and I on a 2 mile hike through one of the most bio-diverse places I'd ever been. We saw over 20 varieties of birds, many of them endangered and quite rare. Then we got into the ocean! Amazing. It took a few minutes to the used to the snorkel, but our guide made us feel really confortable and pretty soon we were paddling here and there checking out the colorful fish. It was a really good time and introduced us to some of the hidden parts of Puerto Viallarta. The company that runs this tour also spend a lot on preserving the environment. I know that a portion of the money I spent will go towards whale disentanglement and turtle protection. The other tours I did there didn't give back like this one.

Reviews for Joshua W.
Jordan A.

Joshua and his wife booked my first tour. It was a really pleasant experience taking them around my city and sharing with them the little hidden places of the West End. Conversation was interesting and I really enjoyed the whole experience.


Joshua and Lily were great guests to have on board. Friendly, easy-going people that fit right in on a sail boat.

Stephanie L.

Very easygoing; came right on time; interested in the history and facts. Excellent guest.