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I've been a licensed NYC tour guide since 1998. (Believe it or not, you do need to have a sightseeing guide's license to give tours here.) I'm a Brooklyn native who grew up in the New Jersey diaspora and moved back soon after college. I was inspired to start giving tours so that I could fully share my love of one of the greatest cities in the world. I'm one of those people who love it when I'm asked for directions on the street or can give a bit of help to out-of-towners on the 1 train.

The focus of my walking tours is the rich history of New York City, including its wonderful architecture. One of my favorite neighborhoods is Brooklyn Heights, the first suburb in the United States, because of its fine collection of well-preserved 19th-century wooden homes. But every neighborhood in the city has something to offer, even if it’s not obvious at first.

When I'm not giving tours or working my day job, I can be found singing classical choral music and scouring the city for the best places to eat. I'm a big... [More]

Reviews for Stephanie L.
Tom B.
Tom B. for Custom NYC Neighborhood Tour

Stephanie was excellent! She presented an in-depth history of the Brooklyn neighborhoods that my parents grew up in (Gravesend and Bay Ridge). We got to take a great walking tour of both areas - see their old homes, schools, and churches. Very easy to work with, she followed up with me frequently via email in the weeks leading up to the trip to ensure that the tour was focussed on what we were interested in seeing and hearing about. I would recommend her highly. A+++

Christy B.
Christy B. for Custom NYC Neighborhood Tour

Stephanie gave a wonderful tour to my son and his wife when they visited the city on their honeymoon. They went to Chinatown in Flushing and Manhattan and Stephanie even found a couple of candy stores as requested!

Cameron M.
Cameron M. for Custom NYC Neighborhood Tour

Stephanie was a really great tour guide! We asked her to give us a tour across the Brooklyn Bridge and then in Brooklyn Heights. She was really knowledgeable and easy to talk to, the tour was well organised and she gave us tonnes of interesting info (I particularly enjoyed the architectural aspect). We even managed to get a private tour of Plymouth Church, which was really interesting. All in all a great tour for a fantastic price.

Merrill M.
Merrill M. for Custom NYC Neighborhood Tour

Stephanie gave a great tour! She was organized and knowledgeable and fun. You can't go wrong with a personal tour! Whenever I was on my own in the city I was confused about my whereabouts and wasted time and precious footsteps! Thanks Stephanie!!!