Reviews by Jonathan T.
Jonathan T.

This really was a super tour for us and our three children (from London, England). Not only for the street art that we saw, but also for the areas and aspects of the city which it opened up which we otherwise wouldn't have seen. Devin was accomodating in planning the route around our itinerary and preferences, and even allowed us some time to look at the less cool, filmstar handprints on Hollywood Boulevard. But it was the street art that was the real star attraction. If you think that you have street art in your own city you may well revise that opinion once you have seen what constitutes street art in L.A. It is of a whole different level of ambition, invention and sophistication. This is where the superstars of this art form come to put on their show and some of the large works are literally awe inspiring. At the same time it is some of the smallest works that are the most thought provoking and powerful. What made it all the more engaging was the information that Devin was able to provide on the artists, and history/background/context of each work. He brought the knowledge and insight of an insider - someone who is making street art himself and certainly appreciates some of the logistical challenges that it presents (you should talk to him about different types of ladders) - and mixed it with the reverence and appreciation of an outsider - all overlaid with a very laid back and gently humorous style. Totally fascinating. Very enjoyable. This tour will linger long in the memory. The Thomas family, London, England