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My name is Tess, and I've lived my whole life eating and drinking New York. I'm a server, bartender, cook, writer, eater, and adventurer. One of my absolute favorite things to do is show people around the best city in the world--because to a newcomer, at first glance New York can be intimidating. Dig a little deeper, however, and you'll learn just how friendly, inviting, and hospitable we truly are. I want to make you feel comfortable, welcome, an essential part of this living-and-breathing, rapidly-evolving beast we call the City. Part of being a real New Yorker is knowing those lesser-known, hidden gems in the underbelly of this city and passing your tips on to worthwhile friends, old and new. I want to pass onto you what I know so that you may pass it on to others. I want you to go back home knowing you always have a new home to return to. Come play with me in New York. You'll never forget it.