Reviews by Mike W.
Mike W.

I cannot say enough nice things about Harald Kalasek. I planned to take pictures of Vienna with him but, after we started talking and getting to know each other the plan changed. He asked us some questions and customized the tour to what he felt we would like. Instead of going to the usual tourist places, he took us to a local Buschenschank. It had just opened that day and he knew the owner and his family. We would have never found this place on our own nor, would we have had the experiences of meeting his friends. Harald made this tour very special. My wife and I felt that this was way better than any pictures we could have taken. Harald took us a Heuriger in town for dinner. He knew the family that owned the place and took the time to explain the different foods. We had dinner with him. After dinner, he took us up to the Vienna woods for a view of the city and our tour ended at Prater Park. All these places the Harald took us to were places that not many tourists know and we felt that Harald took the time and made the effort to show us places we would not normally see. It was a great and wonderful experience.

Mike W.
Mike W. for Warsaw the Way You Want It!

Ania is a wonderful tour guide. She customizes your tour to fit your needs and interests. She is very knowledgable and enthusiastic concerning Warsaw. Ania takes the time to get to know you. She spent time with my wife and I and made our day in Warsaw completely unforgettable. Ania makes Warsaw a great experience that you will appreciate.

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Very nice guests, any time again :-) Thanks for being with me, Harald

Ania S.

I had a lovely time showing Mike and Gail Warsaw Like a Local. They were great company and so interested in the city and its history - exactly the kind of guests every guide wants to have :)