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Hi there I'm Geoff. I run a start up tech company and help lots of small businesses build their bottom line. I love new ideas and finding new places; especially those no one sees in the busiest communities.

History consumed me as a kid. I met Bob Ballard - the gent who found the Titanic before he found it, joined the Titanic society, got my US Coast Guard certification for the 6-pack boats, became a history major and never stopped. I've toured 100's of locations and taken 500+ people to sites.

Recently I've been producing a show called the Urban Unknown about exploring urban ruins. Finally I have created an urban archaeology kit for everyone which will soon be presented on Kickstarter.


Reviews for Geoff G.
Robert W.
Robert W. for Urban Spelunking: NYC

Get ready for adventure. I can't believe this is all within New York City. I was amazed at all of the locations Geoff brought us too -- we even stopped at a 100 year old diner, that seriously was stuck in 1910. The hangar, the boats... every experience had it's own beauty or rush. Great history and unforgettable day.