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I'm a foodie, a real one.
The kind that can run from one end of Paris to another to get the best ingredients to prepare a meal; the kind that doesn't consider a chore cooking for hours even if I'm just cooking for myself; the kind that spends more on wines and spices than on shoes! I worked 3 years in a tea company, launched a wine and tea tasting bar with my ex-partner and worked for a year in a Michelin star restaurant.
I've been giving cooking class, wine tasting and gourmet tour for a tourism agency for 3 years now and am loving it!

Reviews for Sue
Jeff & Heather P
Jeff & Heather P for Go Gourmet With a Parisian Foodie

This is a really fun (and delicious!) tour. Sue took us to some great places to explore some of the many tastes of Paris. We had a great time and highly recommend this tour!

Angela T.
Angela T. for Go Gourmet With a Parisian Foodie

We had a very fun night with Sue this week. She was very flexible in helping to invent an activity during Chrustmas week when many foodie destinations are closed. Sue welcomed our family of four with a festive dinner and cooking lesson paired with delicious wines. She has an interesting culinary and cultural background which lends to her fun and easy going nature. We feel like we've found a new friend in Paris after our night with Sue!