Reviews by Ar
Ar for Go Native: A Taste of Shanghai

Well that was an excellent night exploring the city. Julie has terrific local knowledge, and very experienced traveller herself. She was very accommodating on time, and where and what we did. I tried a bunch of neat local dishes, and got a great start to my Shanghai exploration. Totally worth it.

Ar for Tokyo Tasting Notes

Great way to explore Tokyo, get the inside scoop, and feel like a veteran of this very diverse and fast past city. Charles is the best "non" tour guide you could ask for. Fluid, chill and knowledgeable. Thanks!


She knows her stuff, super nice. She helped do a custom tour of more men's stores. Thanks.


Wow, what a story teller. Super nice vibe, accommodating and very knowledgeable. Walk was easy, not hard at all. I will do the tour again next time people are in town, great way to start the night.

Reviews for Ar

Super intelligent conversationalist, food explorer extraordinaire and very nice guy. Had heaps of fun wandering the labyrinth that is Shibuya.