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I am Benedetta (for everybody just Bebe), born in Bologna, Italy, and always been living here, even if I travelled a lot and keep on doing it.
I am a journalist for a local newspaper in the field of music, art and leisure and food and since 2008 I have created my blog, (means "Lunch with Bea" and celebrates my many lunches with my friend Beatrice, known as Bea), where I write stories about places and people connected to food in Bologna. I also organize a free cooking school once a month where I invite all the chefs of Bologna to teach a special recipe. It is called Le Club des Pirottines and you can find it here I love anything connected to food and culture and few months ago I projected my firs two foodie visit tours in Bologna, during a special festival dedicated to SMELL. What better occasion to debut? I love to tell stories, show beautiful things around and I have the idea that a guided tour is just the extension of... [More]