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Expat Kiwi, Living in Vancouver. Have been in Canada 3 years.

Growing up in New Zealand I learnt to be forward with people and help travellers where needed. Picking up hitchhikers, sending them out on fishing boats (our family run a commercial fishing operation ) & suggesting what one should do with their time travelling all came natural and I loved sharing these things with visitors.

Personally I'm a 30 yo, run my own importing business (NZ seafood). Sports hobbies are skiing and surfing. I have a 1 yo retriever/collie dog & enjoy exploring the outdoors with her.

I'm also a foodie, and enjoy new restaurants, hip & upcoming areas & new designer shops.

Didn't take long to get a thorough knowledge of Vancouver & its neighbourhoods. I have a keen ear for listening from other interesting tidbits about the city. Also, my job takes me all over the city from YVR airport to warehouses to downtown from that I've learnt to know my around just as if I grew up here.