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Born and bred in the Bronx, I am a lover of both hip hop and graffiti dating back to the 80s. In 1999 I started to become interested in Street Art and in 2010 began actively photographing and archiving the art I found on the streets of Brooklyn. In 2012 my passion for Street Art organically evolved into my current role as a Walking Tour Guide.

Reviews for David M.
Josefin L.
Josefin L. for Bushwick Street Art Walk

Thanks David for a great tour around the streets of Bushwick! You really know your stuff and it was very inspiring hearing you talk about the art/artists. A fun and different experience that I can absolutely recommend!

Tobias C.
Tobias C. for Bushwick Street Art Walk

Thanks David for a smashing afternoon walking the streets of Bushwick. You are a top guy plus your knowledge and passion for the street art really made the trip a rememberable one. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is keen to check the street art out in Bushwick. Many thanks again.

Menard for Williamsburg Street Art Walk

Very intersting Walk and way to discover Williamsburg. David is a passionate that knows very well to communicate his knowledge. We didn't know a lot about street art and he manages to be clear and to appeal our curiosity. So much street art to see in the area and we wouldn't have seen the quarter without David!

Mary R.
Mary R. for Williamsburg Street Art Walk

David Meade was an excellent tour guide! He was knowledgable of the local street art pieces and had insightful information on the artists behind the pieces. He answered all our questions and took us on a creative route throughout Williamsburg. I know more about street art and Williamsburg after going on this tour. I would definitely go on it all over again!

Julie C.
Julie C. for Williamsburg Street Art Walk

David is very knowledgeable about the neighbourood's artists: he has stories about every piece of paper/sticker/concrete and could adapt to our particular interests. Great tour!

Roger for Williamsburg Street Art Walk

David is a fantastic host/tour guide. His knowledge is unparalleled and his enthusiasm is infectious. Highly recommended! - Roger & Janine from Vancouver BC.