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Me and my wife started the underground restaurant at home because we love to cook. We like all kinds of cuisines, but we go deep into the Mediterranean cuisine. For us it's a hobby that we share with those who have interest in cooking.
We also love music. We like jazz - so if you come home you will spend a time with the jazz we like.

Reviews for Javier S.
David G.
David G. for Underground Restaurant Meal

We were a group of six friends traveling on a cruise ship. Because the ship was in Barcelona overnight, we had the time for this unique experience. The food was amazing, the apartment comfortable and the overall experience fantastic. The conversations about Spain, food and life were wonderful.



Lawrence P.
Lawrence P. for Underground Restaurant Meal

We were in Barcelona for a week and ate at memorable restaurants every night. However one of the best meals we had was with Javier. It is set up in his living room in a nice and convenient area of the eixample. It is more like going to a restaurant with a private table than it is going to the home of someone you have not met. The food is excellent and Javier and his wife could not be more hospitable. Highly recommended.

Cheryl S.
Cheryl S. for Underground Restaurant Meal

Wow, were we impressed! Our many thanks to Javier and Maite for providing such a unique experience for our group of seven. The food was wonderful and well paired with wines of the region. Javier did a beautiful job of providing a little background for each of the courses and the accompanying wines. He and Maite were the consummate hosts! We were very touched by their genuinely warm and welcoming spirits and felt so comfortable in their home that we lingered over conversation, and before we realized it, it was 1:00 a.m. Thank you so very much for such a special evening, Javier & Maite! Cheryl & Randy Stabler

Teresa for Underground Restaurant Meal

We had a wonderful experience dining with Javier and Maite. The food was excellent - every course was amazing! Their home was beautiful and they made us feel very welcomed. If you are looking for something to do away from the usual tourist crowds, sign up now! You won't regret it!

Bill B.
Bill B. for Underground Restaurant Meal

Javier and Maite are gracious hosts and wonderful chefs. Their home is the perfect setting for a luxurious, quite evening with gourmet food and paired wines. Each course was artfully explained before we devoured it. The food was "to die for". We highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants a sampling of Mediterranean food and hospitality.

Betsy G.
Betsy G. for Underground Restaurant Meal

I discovered Vayable while reading an article in an in-flight magazine this past summer. A group of friends & I were in the middle of planning a 10-day trip through Germany, France, and Spain, and we were looking for something interesting to do in Barcelona. We agreed to try Javier's "Underground Restaurant" dinner. He was very helpful in arranging our evening - from our food "likes" and "dislikes" to help with directions to his apartment, etc. We arrived at Javier and Maite's apartment at 8:30 on a Friday night. The ambiance was lovely - candles lit, a beautiful table set, and great dinner music. The evening's menu was printed out on the table for us which included the wine pairings. We started off with three appetizers: anchovies with marinated tomatoes, a shrimp lollipop with crispy curry "confetti", and a wonderful sobrasada with honey on a toast round. The apps were paired with a Spanish Albarino and a Hungarian Furmint (slightly sweet - a great complement to the sobrasada). Next came our salads - mixed greens with a Cavalli balsamic dressing - which were delicious. This course was paired with a Crianza Graciano. In choosing the main course, I had asked Javier if he could do tapas-sized versions of both fish and beef. He readily agreed and prepared wild sea bass with pickled mussels and veal cheeks with a red wine reduction. Both were nicely plated and very good. A tempranillo accompanied the main course. For dessert, a home made tiramissu rich with cocoa, coffee, and liqueur. As a bonus, Javier brought out a special fig aperitif for us to try. The pace of our dinning allowed some conversation between courses, but never lagged. Javier and his wife would serve a course, tell us a little about the ingredients as well as the wine, and head back into the kitchen. If we had any questions, he always tried to answer them. His English is quite good, although I wouldn't call him fluent. We didn't have any problems understanding his explanations. Overall, it was a great experience. I loved the intimacy of dining in his apartment versus the hectic pace of a meal at Cal Pep (although that was an experience I wouldn't have passed up). Other beverages are also available (soda, beer, water, coffee). For a bunch of foodies, it was a blast. Check out Javier's blog at http://comedorclandestino.blogspot.com.es/. You'll get an idea of the type of chef he is and you can also see many of his recipes. I have posted photos from our evening with Javier and Maite on Snapfish. Cut and paste the web address below to access the photos (I can't seem to make a hyperlink work here). http://www2.snapfish.com/snapfish/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=9192666007/a=38421382_38421382/otsc=SHR/otsi=SALBlink/COBRAND_NAME=snapfish/ Betsy

Dianne L.
Dianne L. for Underground Restaurant Meal

Javiar and his wife were wonderful hosts. The food was amazing: fresh ingredients, expertly prepared and presented. Nice wines. If anything, there was almost too much food--but we managed to polish most of it off. Beautiful home. Would recommend to anyone looking for a different experience while on vacation.